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At Studio Violet, we're passionate about doing great work and helping clients exceed their goals. Feel free to browse these profiles, and let us know if you have any questions.

Tommy Malmström

Senior iOS engineer

Along with extensive experience from various tech stacks, Tommy knows the Apple ecosystem intimately. A true craftsman, he knows what works and when it's time for a new approach.

His main interests are race tracks and classic Porsche 911s.

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Gustav aaro

Android Engineer

Gustav is a passionate team player focusing on new tech stacks and incremental optimization. A natural born problemsolver, Gustav is a great asset to any team.

Gustav knows how to explore the finer things in life. His passion for Arduino home improvements and watch tinkering is as strong as his love for the ocean.

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David Åsman

CEO / Co-founder

David thrives on progress and bringing creative, passionate people together. He's an internationally experienced happy camper passionate about collaborations and partnerships.

Pinball, road trips and food are the mainstays of David’s leisure time.

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Jesper Qvarfordt

CTO / Co-founder

Our co-founder is an experienced Android engineer who loves writing clean code. He's constantly geeking out on new technology, and he's always sharing new knowledge.

Hobbies? DotA, Formula One and weightlifting.

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Daniel Saidi

iOS engineer / Board member

Daniel has been curious about technology since childhood. He's an accomplished engineer and problemsolver and was featured on stage during WWDC 2022 with his product KeyboardKit.

Daniel's a big fan of console gaming and Black Metal.

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Johan Baer

Product designer

With a great understanding of technology and a keen eye for details, our product designer Johan regularly plays a big part in achieving client goals, whether a smaller startup or a larger corporation.

Johan's hobbies are travel, making ice cream and Swiss optics.

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